August 16th, 2010, 11:35 am


Hey guys, I've been still working on this thing in the back of my mind, not wanting it to die since we've been through so much. I decided to restart it anew, even though nothing much happened. This is because there's so many things that have been changing and rethought. For one thing I am actually setting up different era related things for different times in the story, so in the beginning lots of people will be wearing Victorian clothing, something that was not really present when I was working on this. Also, I thought I might drop the whole "Gifted" thing and make it so a majority of people in Rathya have some sort of powers since the whole "Gifted" thing is pretty old and overused. Isaak will still be appearing in the beginning, but it will be much crisper of a pacing.

Enjoy the revamp, Rathya has just took a turn for the deep end of the cynical horizon.

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